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A Change of Seasons in La Manzanilla

Published by LaCatalinaSchool on August 25th, 2011 - in Blog

I walk down the street I’ve been walking down for nine years. Everything looks the same today, except I notice tranquility in the village that settles in the depths of my soul, making me nostalgic for more days like this one—for more days of walking down dirt roads under the warm Mexican sun, with no place to go.

It is almost September. In about a month, the Gringos start arriving. They come from the north, to escape the rain and cold weather. They stay until February or sometimes into March. The village undergoes a transformation when the foreigners arrive.  The interesting mix of cultures and people from all over brings a burst of creative energy.

The little town awakens as a new wave of eager students, young and old, arrive to dive head first into our  Spanish immersion program, the seasonal restaurants shake off their dusty floor mats and open their doors for the season, the artists get their paint brushes out and start painting passionately and exhibiting their work at La Galería and other local galleries, and an array of interesting classes in yoga and other healing arts practices are offered at Casa Luz community center, Bending Tree yoga and healing center and other locations.

Today I only see Mexicans, though. I am a foreigner in their land too. Blue eyes, fair skin, brown hair. And my partner who is Mexican by nationality but Spanish and Basque by heritage. But we share their land. And we share in the language of their heart.

Living in this town continually returns me to my spiritual roots. The roots that connect me to all things and all people.   I revel in the quiet months but also look forward to the diversity and eclectic flair of La Manzanilla’s high season.

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