Healing in Mexico…at El Centro Naturista Daniel Arreola

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Julie (right) with younger sister (left) in front of Centro Naturista in El Grullo

Coming from the San Francisco Bay area, finding wellness or holistic centers was as easy as finding a 7-11 convenience store.  The hard thing was to find out what was right for you and which places could yield the kind of results you were looking for.  Is it a relaxing retreat to help you de-stress…a detox clinic to help overcome health problems you are dealing with…an acupuncturist to balance your energy…or a new age hypnotist to snap you out of the funk you are in? There are so many practices available from all over the world—one can feel dizzy with options and not know which direction to go.

But what a relief when coming to Mexico I discovered El Centro Naturista Daniel Arreola in the quaint town of El Grullo, near Autlan (yes, the town Carlos Santana is from). Now instead of having to make all these tough decision on my own, as to what exact regimen is it that my body and soul are craving, the Centro Naturista makes it easy for me.  They use a simple yet highly effective healing system based on traditional natural remedies.  Each patient who arrives has an exam by an iridologist.  The kind and caring doctors look into your iris and tell you two minutes later what may have otherwise cost thousands of dollars in a hospital and required invasive tests to discover.  And to the surprise of many, the diagnosis is astoundingly accurate through the seemingly simple science of iridology.

Then comes the treatments…no meds, shots, or invasive procedures. Only a specially prescribed good dose of nature for your healing…mud packs on the skin to remove toxins, cold water to get your circulation going, exercise to get your blood pumping, detoxifying steam baths, delicious vegan meals, rest to restore your vital energies, herbal teas, juices, and more!

In as few as three days at the Centro Naturista, I walk out feeling years younger and ready to charge again.  I am forever grateful for this Center so close to La Manzanilla and for the dedicated group of holistic doctors who run it—and at half the price of what I would pay in the Bay Area!

So if you feel your energy needs a boost or are dealing with any chronic annoying health problems that require a systemic healing approach, think about a trip to Mexico.  Drop in and see us at La Catalina School to brush up on your Spanish and relax at the beach for a week or two, then catch a bus to el Centro Naturista en El Grullo, just 3 1/2  hours from La Manzanilla. They do speak some English at the clinic, but it is definitely advisable to speak Spanish to take full advantage of the experience and wealth of information made available.

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