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La Catalina Natural Language School offers special programs for small groups of high school and university students as well as adults. In addition to Spanish classes, groups can select from a variety of other program options, including participating in home stays, cultural events, volunteer work, and excursions in the beautiful beach town of La Manzanilla and its surrounding areas.

As we are a small village and we work to fully integrate students in the community, we limit our groups to 4 to 15 students at a time. Immersion programs can last anywhere from one to five weeks. Our supportive and flexible team can work with you to create a specific itinerary and immersion plan to fit your group’s needs.


Students will participate in small group Spanish courses tailored to their level, need and interests. Our language classes are created for Spanish speakers of all levels and offer a unique and powerful natural approach methodology. Classes are small in size and all students receive plenty of one on one time with the teachers. Our teachers are native Spanish speakers who are experienced, professional and well-trained.

Our Spanish classes meet daily for two hours, Monday through Friday, in our beautiful outdoor cool and breezy Palapa classroom overlooking the La Manzanilla’s beach and oceanfront. In addition to the classes, there are daily homework assignments that require a minimum of 45 minutes outside of class time.


Living with a Mexican family is an exceptional and heart-warming experience for students as it gives them a real taste of the Mexican culture, helps accelerate their learning of the Spanish language and can lead to life-long friendships. We can place one to two students in a home with a Mexican family for the duration of their stay.

All families that participate in our program are carefully selected and are genuinely interested in welcoming their home stay students as another family member.

During their stay with the family, students can participate in daily conversations with family members, join them for meals and receive assistance with homework and other questions they may have. To facilitate the student’s learning experience, it is a requirement that the Mexican families only speak Spanish in the household with the foreign students.

For groups that prefer to stay in a hotel, condos or guest houses, La Catalina staff will be happy to assist you in finding accommodations for your group and getting a discounted rate.


La Catalina also hosts other events outside of class time that school chaperones may elect for students to participate in, including cultural events such as arts & crafts workshops, dance classes, foreign film nights, yoga classes and more.


Volunteering can be an extraordinary experience for students during their stay in Mexico. Participation in the volunteer program allows students to become involved in the local community and gain a deeper cultural understanding and appreciation of the workings of Mexican society. Additionally, students will have opportunities to practice their Spanish outside of the classroom setting.

All students participating in volunteer work produce a project reflecting their experience and present it in class at the end of their trip.

In addition to volunteer work, students who have a strong passion in a specific area of work and demonstrate a satisfactory working level of Spanish are given the option of taking on an internship during their last week in Mexico, in lieu of their language classes.

  • Areas of Volunteer Work
  • Teaching and Education
  • Architecture/Construction Work
  • Mexican Culinary Arts
  • Environmental and Ecology projects
  • Community Service projects
  • Art and Art History


In addition to Spanish classes, we offer a broad range of excursions which provide insight into Mexico’s culture, history, art, politics and our local ecology. We highly recommend these trips as a way to enhance your group’s cultural experience abroad and knowledge about the country.

For your enjoyment, you can choose from these Cultural, Ecology and Leisure Excursions:


Wild life sanctuary (day-long)

Take a fun and adventurous trip to this amazing one-of-a-kind wild life sanctuary. Enjoy a day full of hiking, bird watching and animal spotting. Finish the day with a swim at Tenacatita beach and a special group lunch.

Insiders tour of Barra de Navidad with optional surfing (day-long)

This trip is led by our incredibly knowledgeable tour guide, native to Barra de Navidad. You will spend the morning surfing (waves and weather permitting) or swimming in the ocean, followed by a guided walk and boat tour of the area where you will learn about the town’s history and other fascinating facts. Finish the day enjoying fantastic authentic Mexican food at a local restaurant that is a well-kept secret among the locals. (The surf lessons and boards are provided for this excursion.)

TEMAZCAL sweat lodge and sunset swim (half-day -available seasonally)

The TEMAZCAL sweat lodge is heated with steam emitted by volcanic stones that work to purify and cleanse your body of toxins. The TEMAZCAL is used as a means to unite different aspects of the inner world and heal ailments in the body. Bathe in temperate ocean water then experience this ancient ritual used by the Aztecs and other pre-Hispanic groups of Mexico.


Guided Mangrove & Crocodile Boat Trip (half-day)

This is a trip you will never forget. You will take a boat ride into our local mangrove and learn about the native plant and animal life as well as spot a number of our American Crocodiles native to the estuary.

Guided Ecology Hike to Waterholes (half-day)

The outdoor adventurer will enjoy this 3-mile round-trip guided hike along a riverbed and under the shady canopy of palms and tropical foliage to our waterholes (with running water during the rainy season – approximately June through October.) Learn about the local flora and fauna along the way and enjoy a paper bag picnic lunch.

Tenacatita Riverboat Tour and Lunch (day-long)

This stunning, immaculate and somewhat desolate beach with its crystal clear waters and tranquil waves offers a day of recreation and relaxation like no other. Enjoy the morning on a guided riverboat tour into the surrounding jungle, where you will see remarkable flora, fauna and wildlife. Afterwards, lunch will be served at one of the delicious seafood oceanfront restaurants. In the afternoon, students may choose to spend their free time lounging on the beach, swimming or snorkeling.

Bird watching tours (half-day)

Join us on one of our local bird watching tours at dawn or dusk in our mangrove or other remote areas dense with birdlife. (Binoculars and bird-watching tips and guidance and provided.)

LEISURE TRIPS (half-day or day-long)

Snorkel Trip (half-day)

Discover the underwater world in the crystal clear waters of the Mexican coast. Snorkeling available in several extraordinary locations. (Gear and basic instruction provided.)

Sailing Trip (half-day)

Set out to sail in the Tenacatita bay with an experienced guide. Keep your eye out for dolphins and whales that can be spotted frequently.

Bicycle tour (half-day)

Hop on a bike and enjoy this group tour through La Manzanilla and along the mangrove to Boca de Iguana. Enjoy lunch and a dip in the sea before cycling back in the afternoon.

Deep Sea Fishing (half-day)

This is a chance for you to catch the biggest fish of your life, including Tuna, Marlin, and Dorado! (Instruction and all gear provided.)



Colima is a must-see colonial city two hours southeast of La Manzanilla. It is well-known for its sacred twin volcanoes and it’s charming downtown which boasts its pride in the Mexican arts and history.

Our overnight Colima trip offers in-depth knowledge and study of its volcanoes and national park, a visit to ruins of the native Nahua inhabitants, and a stopover at the neighboring town of Comala known for beautiful handicrafts, masks, wood and its “magic zone”.


Plan A – Basic Language Immersion Package

Private group immersion Spanish classes delivered Monday – Friday for two hours a day. Participants will also be assigned daily homework activities that will require an additional 45 minutes a day.

Plan B – Total Language & Cultural Immersion Package

Private group Spanish classes (Monday – Friday, two hours daily with homework assignments)

Homestays and meals with Mexican families (1 to 2 students per household)

Student volunteer work placements in the community

Plan C – Deluxe Language & Cultural Immersion w/Insight Excursions Package

Private group Spanish classes (Monday – Friday, two hours daily with homework assignments)

Homestays and meals with Mexican families (1 to 2 students per household)

Student volunteer work placements in the community

Saturday Insight Excursions & Cultural Events

Plan D – Build-your-own Immersion Package

Private group Spanish classes (you specify number of hours per week)

You select the other program options which best suits your group’s needs. These may include any combination of the following: homestays; volunteer work; cultural events; and insight excursions.


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