Adult Programs

La Catalina Natural Language School is currently offering beginning, intermediate and advanced level Spanish courses. Upon arrival, you will be given an oral placement exam to determine in which level you will be assigned. Classes start every Monday, five months a year (from November – March) with the exception of the week on which Christmas falls. Course durations are one to six weeks long. (See below for extended study programs.)

Our weekly Immersion Classes consist of the following components:

  • 15 hours (3 hours daily) of small group instruction of 2 to 6 students.
  • Group classes are divided into 2 one-and-a-half hour sessions daily:
    1. 1st session: Conversation Builder Course (Speaking focus)
    2. 2nd session: Familiarization Course (Listening, Reading & Speaking focus)
  • Cultural activities are incorporated into La Catalina School’s curriculum and may include a weekly activity such as short Mexican film clips, cooking demos, interviews with the townspeople, sing-a-longs, arts & crafts demos, and lectures on Mexican history and art. All of these activities are designed to provide language input for the students.
  • Daily homework assignments which focus on listening, language production, and writing skills.

Please Note: If no groups are available on a given week, the school will substitute the group option with private classes. If substituting with private classes, the hours will be reduced to 10 hours per week (2 hours per day) but will cover the same amount of the course material.

In addition to the weekly classes mentioned above, our Immersion Program offers the following (optional) components:

Volunteer Work Program – Designed to immerse you in the Spanish language and culture and give you ample opportunities to use what you are learning, while working side by side with the Mexican people in their place of work or residence (typically four to eight hours per week). Some of our placements are in the following locations:

  • Local educational institutes
  • Local businesses
  • Mexican homes and private residences (providing assistance to elderly, helping with food preparation, child care, etc.)

Language Exchange Program – Provides the opportunity for you to meet with a Mexican and converse part of the time in Spanish and the other part in English. These exchanges foster a better intercultural understanding and friendship between foreign and Mexican students.

Excursion Program – Snorkeling trips, bird watching tours, ecology tours, nature hikes, bike tours, or visiting nearby cities of interest are some of the excursions which can be arranged through our school. Offered upon request when there are two or more persons interested.

The following optional programs are offered to enhance your learning experience and accommodate individual needs:

Independent Study Program – Designed to support students who study with us on a long-term basis.  With the coaching of a private tutor, students complete a minimum of ten hours a week of at home studies and 6 hours a week of private instruction.  The goal of this program is to master the material from the course that was completed in order to bridge them into the next higher level course.

Design-Your-Own Immersion Course – If you don’t feel that the immersion programs we have to offer fit your unique learning needs, we can work with you to design a course that will.  Just tell us your needs including hours of private individual instruction you would like per day, desired length of program, language emphasis, your fluency level, whether or not you would like to stay with a family, and we will build the immersion course that is right for you.

Private Classes are also available for additional instruction time or if you have special interests and needs.

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